MINIMO gasket

Sottocoppa MINIMO

The revolutionary “MINIMO” group gasket for professional and prosumer coffee machines has participated at the BEST NEW PRODUCT COMPETITION.

This gasket, made by indissolubly joining together two technical components,  EPDM elastomer, which confers high temperatures resistance and softness, and TEFLON®, which provides wear resistance as well as smoothness, have created a new product in this type of application.
The main function of the MINIMO group gasket is precisely that of minimizing the effort that must be exerted by the barista to hook the filterholder to the coffee machine grouphead  and perform the magic that transforms the coffee powder into the world’s most popular drink.
In our own small way, we like to think that MINIMO will help preserve the wrists of all baristas by helping to deliver more and more "special" coffees to lovers of this extraordinary beverage.

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